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The LD50 of ELEAB was more than 5g/kg body weight of naive mice, illustrating the safety of the extract.
They treated groups of four male ddY mice once orally with each additive at up to half its LD50 or the limit dose (2000 mg/kg bw) and performed Comet assays on glandular stomach, colon, liver, kidney, urinary bladder, lung, brain, and bone marrow, 3 and 24 hours after treatment.
The DCM fraction of Kielmeyera coriacea was evaluated in a toxicological study and showed an LD50 of 1.
The animal studies against rabies were conducted in Vietnam using the Challenge Standard Virus strain at a highly lethal infection level of 1,000 LD50 given directly into the brain.
LD50 was determined by taking a dose of medication for induction of diabetes, along with drinking water for 98 days, daily fructose solvent cc 140 (10%) were used.
Oral LD50 (lethal dose sufficient to kill 50% of population) endosulfan in rats is 80 mg/kg, and it has been classified as a moderately hazardous (class II) pesticide [World Health Organization (WHO) 2002].
Toxicity: Same to benzoic acid, can partially irritate the skin and mucous membrane, sometimes may cause serious inflammation and pimples, and a lot of these will change into difficult-to-treat ulcers, it's toxicity is slightly weaker than benzoic acid , LD50 to the rat is 8.
growth is susceptible to cold and this is in conformity with Brule-Babel and Fowler, [3] experiments, the quick changes in LD50 happen in the first stages of adaptation.
A computer program for estimating LD50 and its confidence limits using modified Behrens-Reed-Muench cumulant method.
The safety and efficacy of BOTOX[R] currently is assessed by using the LD50 Test (Lethal Dose 50%).
The final LD50 value was calculated as the square root of the product of the lowest lethal dose and highest non-lethal dose.
There are alternatives available that the BUAV believes can be used instead of the cruel LD50 test, including a test called the SNAP-25.