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The significance of LCIS variants in this context and their differences with classic LCIS will also be reviewed.
LCIS is believed to be a dormant lesion with a very low malignant potential, and is known as a risk factor rather than a precursor for the development of ipsilateral and contralateral invasive breast cancer (Gao, Carter, Tseng, & Chivukula, 2010; O'Malley, 2010).
According to present literature, breast lesions containing LCIS should be excised for histological diagnosis to rule out co-existing malignancy.
In addition, this Multiplex IHC test is particularly useful to reduce false negatives and false positives for microinvasion; when there are overlapping features of lobular carcinoma in situ and ductal carcinoma in situ in a lesion; when there is necrosis potentially masking microinvasion; to differentiate higher nuclear grade LCIS patients such as pleomorphic lobular carcinoma in situ which may mimic DCIS; and in LCIS samples where LCIS cells grow into a duct, or the lobule becomes distended so that its appearance is similar to a duct, making the differentiation of LCIS and DCIS more challenging.
LCIS means that abnormal cells are contained within a lobule of your breast, but they haven't invaded the surrounding breast tissue.
In fact, some LCIS lesions are precursors of invasive breast cancer--and as such, may warrant more aggressive local therapy, such as whole-breast radiotherapy following surgical excision, said Dr.
Of the women taking tamoxifen, 57 developed LCIS or DCIS compared with 81 of the women taking raloxifene.
the Lucas County Imaging Advisory Group, I work closely with LCIS in
LCIS is a red flag that identifies someone who needs regular screening and possibly treatment aimed at preventing breast cancer.
28] Calcifications may be formed when LCIS extends into and obstructs the ductules, trapping the secretions of adjacent lobules and resulting in necrosis and calcification of inspissated secretions.
Los autores encontraron que, en los hombres de la muestra, el LCIS tuvo un efecto interactivo con puntajes de funcionamiento promedio en la linea base.