liquid crystal display

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something presented for viewing, such as on a computer screen.
liquid crystal display a thin membrane containing liquid crystals, used for displays in computers and monitoring equipment.
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liquid crystal display



A type of electronic display unit used on devices from watches to clinical laboratory instruments. It is very efficient and consumes little energy or power.
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"Prices of LCD panels are expected to increase in the second quarter of the year," said So Hyun-cheol, an analyst from Shinhan Investment.
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Osaka, Aug 31, 2009 - (ACN Newswire) - On 31st August, Sharp Corporation has signed an agreement with Nanjing CEC-PANDA LCD Technology Co., Ltd (hereafter "New company") to carry out the project for production of LCD panels using 6th generation glass substrates and construction of its LCDpanel plant.
The consumer electronics giants expect the facility to produce the equivalent 2.5 million 32-inch LCD panels per year by 2008.
The introduction of large size, high-resolution and high-performance TFT LCD panels greatly broadens the application market for these sophisticated flat panel solutions.
The application note explains IP module use and operation via Triscend's FastChip software, the tutorial and sample code illustrate a working example project, and the panel timing calculator identifies key display metrics for interfacing with non-default graphic LCD panels. The Graphic LCD Development Kit is priced at US$198, and can be ordered from Triscend's distributors worldwide.
The unit is shipped with Panel Ready[R] software to add remote control capabilities to a variety of LCD panels. The remote control system consists of two hardware components: a wired receiver attached to the computer's serial port and a handheld transmitter housing pushbuttons to duplicate certain computer keystrokes.
[USPRwire, Wed Jul 24 2019] The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)-enabled electronic devices, such as television, mobile phones and others, is creating potential opportunities for the LCD panel market.
( Korea Herald reported Monday that the LG G7 is now predicted to feature an advanced LCD panel, called M+ LCD.
LG Display's overall profit structure is in sync with LCD panel prices.
The loss is the result of a low operating rate of about 30 percent due to the sluggish LCD panel business during the April-June quarter when the Sakai plant was a consolidated subsidiary of Sharp, the major Osaka-based electronics maker.