liquid crystal display

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something presented for viewing, such as on a computer screen.
liquid crystal display a thin membrane containing liquid crystals, used for displays in computers and monitoring equipment.

liquid crystal display (LCD)

a thin membrane containing liquid crystals, used for displays in computers and monitoring equipment.

liquid crystal display



A type of electronic display unit used on devices from watches to clinical laboratory instruments. It is very efficient and consumes little energy or power.
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The company offers LCD controller boards, LCD display modules, and complete enclosed LCD units to get embedded touch screen displays up-and-running fast in prototypes and smoothly in production.
7 Part One: The following locations (Szentes, KiskunfelegyhEiza, NagykorE[micro]s, Kiskunhalas KiskorE[micro]s) visual passenger information system development (new TFT LCD displays installed) and the introduction of passenger information ATTS audio technology.
The LCD Display Arms can be moved in any direction and feature a greater tilt angle for better backward and forward movement.
The Company's poster frame network, which is distinct from its LCD display network, consists of traditional and digital advertising poster frames placed mainly in the elevators and public areas of residential complexes which it markets under the brand name Framedia.
Working in the LCD display industry is a new project for Carmanah, and we are excited to work with NEC Display Solutions in this joint venture on new energy-saving technologies," said Mark Spilsbury, Account Manager for Carmanah.
Flexible graphic support increases scalability of Planar LCD displays
The EM6121 is a controller and driver for character monochrome TN and STN LCD displays.
VITA All-In One - For limited space healthcare applications, Tangent offers the VITA series of integrated LCD PCs that combine the PC and 17/19 inch LCD displays inside a slim, attractive, all-in-one chassis that fits ergonomically in any healthcare office, hospital room, or field environment.
55 mm LLGA-12 package, the NCP5602 and NCP5612 are the industry's smallest dual output charge pumps for driving LCD display backlighting.
The smaller form factor and lighter weight of LCD displays provide an added bonus in applications such as oil and gas exploration, which require frequent shifts in the display location.
DDD expects to license the DDD Mobile software library to additional handset makers who wish to include 3D LCD displays in a variety of wireless devices, including next-generation smartphones and PDAs.
2], making this the Daddy of all LCD displays, for all you rich folk out there looking for the perfect complement to your new home theater.