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Very soon after their change of fortune, Clifford, Hepzibah, and little Phoebe, with the approval of the artist, concluded to remove from the dismal old House of the Seven Gables, and take up their abode, for the present, at the elegant country-seat of the late Judge Pyncheon.
"But I wonder that the late Judge--being so opulent, and with a reasonable prospect of transmitting his wealth to descendants of his own--should not have felt the propriety of embodying so excellent a piece of domestic architecture in stone, rather than in wood.
Yes; and my words of wisdom, that you and Phoebe tell me of, are like the golden dandelions, which never grow in the hot months, but may be seen glistening among the withered grass, and under the dry leaves, sometimes as late as December.
The same fatality which had made me just one day too late in calling on Sergeant Cuff, made me again one day too late in calling on Godfrey.
My last hopes now rested on Betteredge, and on the friends of the late Lady Verinder whom I might still find living in the neighbourhood of Rachel's country house.
I arrived too late in the evening to be able to communicate with Betteredge.
Candy, in which the late Lady Verinder's friends all took some interest.
I have met with an accident--I am very unfortunate in being here alone so late. Why do you suspect me of doing wrong?"
"Are you sure that your friend in London will receive you at such a late hour as this?" I said.
You will not like staying late. You will get very tired when tea is over."
I have no fears at all for myself; and I should have no scruples of staying as late as Mrs.
Likewise, 8/Dn Tezgam train was 1:15 minutes late,14/Dn Awam Express was 5:00 hours late and 34/Dn Pak Business Express train was 8:45 hours late.