local area network

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local area network (LAN)

a system of linking together computers and other electronic office equipment within an office or building, permitting shared use of software and/or peripherals. Compare wide area network.
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Symbol's new wireless LAN adapter accessory offers HP Jornada pocket PC users another way to wirelessly check email, surf the Web and connect to enterprise networks," said Boris Elisman, worldwide marketing manager, HP Embedded and Personal Systems.
Many companies have upgraded their wireless LAN adapters to 11 Mbps, although some actually have throughputs of about 4.
0 solutions, and are used in a variety of high-performance peripherals including wireless LAN adapters, printers and personal video recorders.
11) with a full complement of supported CPUs and wireless LAN adapters.
Disk details, CD/DVD-ROM, Removable media, floppies, keyboards, LAN Adapters, memory modules, monitors, mouse, OS, parallel ports, serial ports, sound cards, and video adapters.