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, gen.


(lak, lak'tis),
1. Synonym(s): milk (1)
2. Any whitish, milklike liquid.
[L. milk]
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Abbreviation for:
lactic acid
Lactobacillus acidophilus
Lay Advisory Committee 
Licensed Acupuncturist
Local Authority Circular
Local Authority Company
looked-after children, see there
lupus anticoagulant
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Eventually it dawned on astronomers that quasars and BL Lacs (and their cousins, Seyfert galaxies) are all galaxies at cosmological distances with central supermassive black holes and highly relativistic jets viewed from different angles,
Moving from simplifying matters to engaging with the complexities, the LAC, as advocacy expert and quality contributor, has been instrumental in influencing legislation on numerous occasions.
"We are happy to work with such a community-centered and patient-focused facility as Mille Lacs Health System.
MRN, 1998, Resultats d'analyses de sediments de fond de lacs, Grand Nord du Quebec: Ministere des Ressources naturelles, Quebec, DP-98-01 (CD-ROM).
``We have secured an unedited copy of the LACS video which clearly shows the fox on the film was shot by a licensed firearm and not given to the hounds while it was alive.
What about the residents, the low-income residents?" asked Francine Washington, LAC president at Stateway Gardens on the South Side.
Rapid fluctuations in gamma rays emitted by the blazars and BL Lacs support this model.
2 lac 94 thousand and 942 of the Municipal Committee of the year of 2018.19, which was approved by members of the House.
"#TheLunchbox Week 2: Fri 95 lacs, Sat 1.91 cr, Sun 2.15 cr, Mon 55 lacs, Tue 70 lacs, Wed 72 lacs, Thu 27 lacs.
Individuals who get an annual income ranging between over Rupees 15 lacs and less than Rupees 20 lacs will have to pay Rupees 92 thousand five hundred, in addition to the 15 percent of their income above Rupees 15 lacs.