Steiner, L.

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L., German physician.
Steiner tumor - Synonym(s): auricular tumor
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Some of the most provocative writing integrating these insights into antitrust has been by Robert L. Steiner, whose unique experience as a prolific author in marketing and economics, president of a national consumer goods company and as an economist at the Federal Trade Commission, provides further perspective on the role of vertical relationships in antitrust and the utility of a dual-stage approach to antitrust.
An Enforcement Perspective on the Work of Robert L. Steiner: Why Retailing and Vertical Relationships Matter (Pamela Jones Harbour (39))
The Implications of Robert L. Steiner's Work for Merger Analysis (Philip Nelson, (46) Gloria Hurdle (47) and Tessie Su (48))
For this, the antitrust community owes a lasting debt to Robert L. Steiner, whose unique multidisciplined life history and tenacious personal character have given us a body of writing that was long overlooked, but has finally received the recognition that it deserves.
AUTHORS' NOTE: On behalf of the American Antitrust Institute, we are indebted to those who participated in the roundtable, each of the authors who made contributions to this special issue, the interactive audience, the cosponsors, and especially to Robert L. Steiner for his contributions to the field of antitrust.
For a discussion of the nature of triple-stage markets (manufacturer--distributor--retailer), see Robert L. Steiner, A Dual Stage View of the Consumer Goods Economy, 25 J.