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A gene on chromosome 1q23-q25 that encodes l-selectin, a cell surface adhesion/homing receptor required for binding and rolling of leukocytes on endothelial cells, facilitating leukocyte migration into secondary lymphoid organs and inflammation sites. 

Molecular pathology
SELL polymorphisms are associated with various diseases, including IgA nephropathy.
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An adhesion molecule that triggers off the interaction between leukocytes and blood vessel endothelium. It is shed from the surface membrane of haematopoietic cells and circulates in the blood as a functional receptor.
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We analyzed 13 markers which could be associated with preterm delivery IGFBP-1, IGFBP-2, BDNF, L-Selectin, E-Selectin, ICAM-1, PECAM, VCAM-1, MIP-1d, MIP-3b, Eotaxin-1, Eotaxin-2, and BLC, and we estimated their usefulness as markers for differentiation between threatened preterm delivery, preterm delivery, and false preterm delivery.
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These cells character istically express high levels of L-selectin and CCR7, which they use to interact with HEV ECs, just like naive T cells do.
Diabetes-Induced Increase in L-Selectin in the Spinal Cord is Prevented by Gabapentin.
Unlike P- and E-selectin but similarly to L-selectin, PSGL-1 is a constitutively expressed molecule on the surface of several hematopoietic and in some nonhematopoietic cells [22].
The team will also be looking to identify which molecule L-selectin binds to in virus infected tissues that allows killer T cells to be directed there.
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In the present study, we investigated the co-expression of CD25 and CD62L (adhesion molecule, L-selectin) of bovine [CD4.sup.+] and [CD8.sup.+] T cells in response to LPS challenge in order to compare the activation statuses of other cell surface markers.
More recently, AFA was shown to contain an L-selectin blocker that acts as a mild stem cell mobilizer.
Endothelial cells display E-selectin and P-selectin, platelets express P-selectin, and leukocytes present L-selectin (72, 73).
The mechanisms by which the concentrations of soluble adhesion molecules increase in the plasma during infection with gram-negative bacilli includes interaction of endotoxin through membrane-specific endotoxin receptors, such as L-selectin and CD13/CD14, which cause increased production of adhesions molecules like E-selectin.