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an agent used in treatment of parkinsonism; used as the hydrochloride salt in conjunction with levodopa and carbidopa.
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Increased life expectancy resulting from addition of L-deprenyl to Madopar treatment in Parkinson's disease: a longterm study.
Remarkable effect of selegiline (L-deprenyl), a selective monoamine oxidase type-B inhibitor, in a patient with severe refractory depression: a case report.
As for cats, Landsberg knows of no published study on L-deprenyl use.
The L-deprenyl bandwagon is rolling through the veterinary community, building interest in: the treatment, observes Nicholas H.
L-deprenyl keeps the enzyme monoamine oxidase B from playing its normal role in breaking down dopamine in the brain, and Ruehl has suggested that the drug perks up old pets largely by increasing dopamine levels and activity.
Improvement of cognitive function by MAO-B inhibitor L-deprenyl in aged rats.
Amitraz can be dangerous when combined with antidepressants, such as Prozac (fluoxetine), or with other MAOl inhibitors, such as Anipryl (l-deprenyl, selegiline).
* L-deprenyl (Anipryl or selegeline) is an MAO inhibitor that acts on the pituitary gland itself.