aspartic acid

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aspartic acid

a dibasic amino acid, one of the nonessential amino acids, widely distributed in proteins and found as an excitatory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.

as·par·tic ac·id (Asp),

(as-par'tik as'id),
The l-isomer is one of the amino acids occurring naturally in proteins. The d-isomer is found in cell walls of many bacteria.

aspartic acid

/as·par·tic ac·id/ (ah-spahr´tik) a nonessential, natural dibasic amino acid occurring in proteins and also an excitatory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Symbols Asp and D.

aspartic acid

A nonessential amino acid, C4H7NO4, found especially in young sugarcane and sugar-beet molasses.

aspartic acid (Asp)

a nonessential amino acid present in sugar cane, beet molasses, and breakdown products of many proteins. Pure aspartic acid is a water-soluble, colorless crystalline substance. Aspartic acid is interconvertible with oxaloacetic acid from the citric acid cycle. Aspartic acid is used in culture media, dietary supplements, detergents, fungicides, and germicides. Also called aminosuccinic acid. See also amino acid, protein.
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Chemical structure of aspartic acid

as·par·tic ac·id

(Asp) (as-pahr'tik as'id)
The l-isomer is one of the amino acids occurring in proteins.
Synonym(s): alpha (α)-aminosuccinic acid.

aspartic acid

An AMINO ACID which the body can synthesise. It is found in sugar cane and sugar beet and in asparagus.
Aspartic acidclick for a larger image
Fig. 53 Aspartic acid . Molecular structure.

aspartic acid or aspartate (D, Asp)

one of 20 AMINO ACIDS common in proteins. It has an extra carboxyl group and is therefore acidic in solution. The ISOELECTRIC POINT of aspartic acid is 2.8.

aspartic acid

a nonessential dicarboxylic amino acid, widely distributed in proteins.
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Driven by the huge demand of its downstream products, the recent output of L-aspartic acid in China has kept increasing all the time, and the product quality is also improving greatly.
Affected by the price of its raw material and the supply and demand situation of its downstream products, the price of L-aspartic acid is undergoing great changes recently and it is estimated that the situation will continue for a long time.
Because of environmental reasons, the production situation of fumaric acid will undergo even huger changes in the future, which will influence L-aspartic acid production greatly.