Josef, German dermatologist, 1880-1926. See: Kyrle disease.
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Kyrle, who conducted the business now that our old friend had been obliged to withdraw from it, and to leave London on account of his health.
"The Thief" by Henri Bernstein (Kyrle Bellew and Margaret Illington) was famous because the entire long second act was played by these two characters, husband and wife.
MORE than a century ago Lee J Kyrle Fletcher provided a fascinating glimpse of Cardiff Docks.
The perforating dermatoses are a diverse group of diseases that include four types: elastosis perforans serpiginosum, Kyrle disease, perforating folliculitis, and reactive perforating collagenosis (RPC).
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(31) Akhtar e Varma, riprendendo la posizione di Money Kyrle, sottolineano come gia nel pensiero di quest'ultimo "sacrifice was originally [...] a psychological phenomenon.
Clinical Criteria used for the Diagnosis of Kyrle's Disease were