Kyoto Treaty

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An international accord which required the 38 Annex (developed) nations to determine a baseline assessment for 1990 of their greenhouse gas emissions from all sources—e.g., changes in land use and their carbon stocks
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Among the deals struck in Rio 10 years ago, was one that led to the Kyoto Treaty, the first international agreement to tackle global warming.
The German official said ''it is a mistake'' to defer discussions on the Kyoto treaty to the session in Morocco.
The Kyoto treaty is based on the same assumptions that human activity is responsible for the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and that this increase will cause catastrophic global warming.
opposed the Kyoto treaty on climate change (a treaty based on highly flawed and disputed "science" that would have seriously damaged the American economy); the U.
In Tokyo on Monday, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda hinted that Japan may propose revisions to the Kyoto treaty to make it acceptable to the United States.
Bianca Jagger, former wife of Rolling Stone Mick, yesterday backed calls to boycott Esso in protest at its opposition to the Kyoto treaty.
Wade decision "legalizing" abortion, support for elimination of a national missile defense program, support for same sex marriages, support for taxpayer-funded election campaigns, opposition to the death penalty, and support for adoption of the Kyoto Treaty on global warming.
Although Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda indicated earlier in the day in Tokyo that Japan may propose revisions to the Kyoto treaty to make it acceptable to Washington, Koizumi denied that was discussed in his meeting with Blair.
He's further infuriated the Arabs, got the Russians threatening another Cold War, China is holding a US plane loaded with equipment and surveillance gear (which wasn't spying - yeah, right), and has totally disregarded the Kyoto treaty.
Adhering to the Kyoto treaty, for example, would trigger considerable damage to the economy.