kynurenic acid

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kyn·u·ren·ic ac·id

(kin'yū-rē'nik as'id, -ren'ik),
A product of the metabolism of l-tryptophan; appears in human urine in states of marked pyridoxine deficiency.

ky·nu·ren·ic ac·id

(kin-yūr-ē'nik as'id)
A product of the metabolism of l-tryptophan; appears in urine in pyridoxine deficiency.
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In this investigation two new ruthenium(II) complexes containing dppm and the quinaldate and kynurenate anions with formula cis-[Ru(quin)[(dppm).sub.2]]P[F.sub.6] and cis-[Ru(kynu)[(dppm).sub.2]]P[F.sub.6] were synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis and spectroscopic methods.
Roberts, "Increased cortical kynurenate content in schizophrenia," Biological Psychiatry, vol.
Inhibitors of kynurenrie hydroxylase and kynureniase increase cerebral formation of kynurenate and have sedative and anti-convulsant activities.
As in vertebrates, this synaptic potential is a glutamatergic AMPA-like response, as it is blocked by CNQX and kynurenate (Hochner et al., 2003).
Other phytochemical compounds include kynurenates, citric, malic and oxalic acid [6], saponins, crystals of calcium oxalate, and trace minerals.