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A gene on chromosome 16p11.2 that encodes a microtubule- and DNA-binding, kinesin-like protein involved in spindle formation and chromosome movement during mitosis and meiosis.
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keratosis-ichthyosis-deafness syndrome



A rare genetic disease in which patients are born with calloused skin on the hands and feet, scaly plaques on the arms and face, corneal inflammation, and deafness. The hearing impairment can be treated with cochlear implants.
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KYD told vendors the size of the stalls would be four by three metres.
Jeronimy." In this way, Shakespeare parallels Kyd's conflationary method in The Spanish Tragedy.
For the nature and method of this marginal crux, Kyd is indebted to Apulei-us's.
Lukas Erne investigates the authorship of Kyd's The Tragedy of Soliman and Perseda to conclude that Thomas Kyd was the author of one extraordinarily generative play (2001:1).
In this essay, I will explore ways in which Kyd's Bel-Imperia and Shakespeare's Ophelia and Gertrude transcend the rigid demands of this habitually certified Renaissance dichotomy.
Kyd said it may be difficult for terrorists to attack from the air as such nuclear power plants are small, compared with the World Trade Center which were struck and demolished by two hijacked airplanes Tuesday.
By analyzing Kyd's subversion of a long tradition linking holy cloths and sacred blood in medieval drama, I wish to demonstrate that the bloody napkin is a ghostly palimpsest that absorbs meaning through intertextual borrowing as well as through fresh symbolic resonance.
Despite these various reprints of plays by or attributed to Kyd, interest in the playwright remained very slight throughout most of the nineteenth century.
Kyd's The Spanish Tragedie was entered in the Stationers' Register in October 1592, and the undated first quarto edition almost certainly appeared in that year.
Although other plays by Jones are occasionally recalled--The Liberty Tree (1832) and Paul Revere (1875) among them--the strangest and one of the most popular of his productions was Captain Kyd, or, The Wizard of the Sea (1830).
(prod between 1584 and 1589) A drama by Thomas Kyd. A bloody tragedy of revenge in the popular Senecan style, The Spanish Tragedy deals with political intrigue between the Spanish and the Portuguese that explodes in the murder of Horatio, the son of the marshal of Spain, Hieronimo.