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 (kV) [kil´o-volt]
one thousand (103) volts.
k's peak (kVp) the highest kilovoltage used in producing a radiograph.
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Abbreviation for kilovolt.
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Abbreviation for kilovolt.
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Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (Headquarter) has already lodged a complaint with Delhi Police at the Kishangarh police station in this regard and a aACoePublic NoticeaACA[yen] has been uploaded on the KVS website in order to inform the candidates about the same.
To solve these problems, the City of Oceanside implemented Enterprise Vault e-mail content archiving from KVS Inc.
At best, they should be changed at the start of every communications exchange, or even have two or more parties communicate using different KVs that would have to be "broken' for an adversary to penetrate both ends of a system.
The total cost of opening of these new KVs is projected at Rs.
"There's obviously value in storing information," says Mary Kay Roberto, VP and General Manager, North America, for KVS. "But there's much more value in being able to use that information to the benefit of the organization." The key is finding out how all that information that goes into the "vault" (their product is brandnamed "Enterprise Vault") becomes valuable to some specific responsibility in the organization.
Luton Burough Council in the UK has selected content archiving specialist KVS to supply its Enterprise Vault e-mail management and archive system.
SCC (Specialist Computer Centres) is supplying and supporting the industry's first Archiving Appliance using the Enterprise Vault email management system from KVS, combined with Network Attached Storage from storage specialists, EMC2.
Email management specialists KVS plc, commissioned independent market researchers, Vanson Bourne to examine the impact of email on the working population.
STICKING to its rigid stand on the issue and overruling the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan ( KVS) suggestion, the Smriti Irani- led Union Ministry of Human Resource Development on Tuesday decided to discontinue German as third language right away instead of waiting for the new academic session to effect the changes.
Speaking at the inaugural function of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) here, Dr.