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Of the vaginal procedures, Spinelli method or Kustner method may be approached.
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The Spinelli and Kustner [5] operations consist of an anterior and posterior median colpohysterotomy through the vaginal access for removal of the cervical ring.
Correspondence: Berta Moreno Kustner. Departamento de Personalidad, Evaluacion y Tratamiento Psicologico.
In 1921, Otto Prausnitz and Heinz Kustner demonstrated quite clearly that the immediate hypersensitivity of severe food allergy--and of hay-fever and fatal horse serum injections--is caused by a reactive substance in the serum.
Often, technical problems, privacy regulations, and varying national jurisdictions and capabilities hamper fully automated and interoperable machinic border work (Tsianos and Kustner, 2012; Walters, 2011).
Spinell and Kustner9 are similar trans-vaginal surgical reposition techniques with the basic differences being that Spinell's approach is anterior and requires dissection of the bladder and an anterior uterine wall incision, while Kustner's is a posterior approach with incision on the posterior uterine wall, which makes it a bit easier and safer.9
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Correspondence with Sir Robert Ball (1840-1914) (31) and Karl Friedrich Kustner (1856-1936) (32) revealed further observations of the star at various different magnitudes, thus showing it to be variable in brightness.
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