Kussmaul, Adolph

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Kussmaul, Adolph

[Ger. physician, 1822–1902]

Kussmaul's breathing

A very deep, repetitive, gasping respiratory pattern associated with profound acidosis (e.g., diabetic ketoacidosis). Kussmaul's respiration may be a sign of impending death.
Synonym: Kussmaul's respiration

Kussmaul's coma

An obsolete term for diabetic coma.

Kussmaul's disease

An infrequently used eponym for polyarteritis nodosa.

Kussmaul's pulse

Paradoxical pulse.

Kussmaul's respiration

Kussmaul's breathing.

Kussmaul's sign

Elevation of the neck veins (and of the central venous pressure) during inspiration, a visible indication of pericardial effusion or tamponade or of other disorders that affect the filling of the right side of the heart (e.g., severe obstructive lung disease).
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Adolph, German physician, 1822-1902.
Kussmaul aphasia - mutism in psychosis.
Kussmaul breathing
Kussmaul coma - Synonym(s): diabetic coma
Kussmaul disease - segmental inflammation, with infiltration by eosinophils, and necrosis of medium-sized or small arteries. Synonym(s): polyarteritis nodosa
Kussmaul paradoxical pulse
Kussmaul pulse - reduction or disappearance of the pulse during inspiration.
Kussmaul respiration - deep, rapid respiration characteristic of diabetic or other causes of acidosis. Synonym(s): Kussmaul-Kien respiration
Kussmaul sign - in constrictive pericarditis, a paradoxical increase in venous distention and pressure during inspiration. Synonym(s): Kussmaul symptom
Kussmaul symptom - Synonym(s): Kussmaul sign
Kussmaul-Kien respiration - Synonym(s): Kussmaul respiration
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