Kurzweil, Raymond C.

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Raymond C., 20th century U.S. inventor.
Kurzweil reading machine - computerized reading machine.
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The blind could now "read" books written in conventional fonts with the Kurzweil reading machine. The latest iteration (1998) is the Kurzweil 1000 Reading System.
It is a fraction of the weight, size and price of the first-generation Kurzweil reading machine.
Visually impaired students can access a Kurzweil Reading Machine. It scans text, translates text into voice, and telecommunicates the voice back to the caller through Dterm's speakerphone.
In tackling the problem of a miniature virtual display, Reflection Technology President Al Becker leaned on his previous experience with the Kurzweil reading machine, using a physical array for one axis and a scanner mirror for the other.
For visual impairments, reader services, talking books, and the use of the Kurzweil Reading Machine are the most common rehabilitation interventions at this level (Braille instruction and mobility training fit more appropriately within the person-oriented interventions).