Karl W. von, German anatomist, 1829-1902. See: Kupffer cells.
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IL-10 acts only on immune cells expressing its cognate receptors and facilitates sustained activation of the transcription factor STAT3 in Kupffer cells, thus inhibiting inflammation.
These changes were accompanied by swelling of Kupffer cells in congested sinusoidal ves-sels.16 The determination of transaminase activity in serum is a common means of detecting liver damage.
(3,30) In addition to hepatocytic hypoxia, ethanol indirectly increases oxygen utility by activation of hepatic Kupffer cells.
The company owns the top four brands, WiLL, Kupffer's, R&B and Yakult in drinking yoghurt and the first leading brand, Super 100 in spoonable yoghurt.
The product includes one or more standard 96-well tissue culture plates with micro-patterned human liver cells (hepatocytes) co-cultured with stromal cells, to which fully functional human liver immune cells (Kupffer cells) are added.
Additional hepatic lesions analyzed as binary variables included steatosis, inflammation, Kupffer cell hyperplasia, oval cell hyperplasia, multinucleated hepatocytes, hepatocyte hypertrophy, and lipofuscin deposition.
Histopathological lesions such as hyperplasia of Kupffer cells hepatic cell degeneration and eruption of bronchiole epithelium were observed in group A3.
To elucidate the roles of CD68+ macrophages in CCl[.sub.4]-induced liver injury, a specific Kupffer Cell (KC) marker, CD68, was used to monitor CD68+ macrophages activation.
Numerical density of Kupffer cells on the area (Nak): It expresses the number of Kupffer cells per unit area (per [cm.sup.2]).
After removing macrophages and Kupffer cells, which are strongly positive for F4/80, from the HMNC fraction, mouse hepatic monocytes were identified as a CD11b- and CD115-positive cell population [12].
Pancreatic islet inflammation after transplantation is induced by innate immune cells such as neutrophils, islet resident macrophages, and Kupffer cells.
Using the ADF mode, Sonazoid bubbles phagocytosed by Kupffer cells were destroyed, with a high MI of 1.0 [5].