Kuntscher nail

Künt·scher nail

an intramedullary metal nail used for internal fixation of a fracture.

Küntscher nail

[koo͡n′chər, kin′chər]
Etymology: Gerhard Küntscher, German surgeon, 1902-1972; AS, naegel
a stainless steel nail used in orthopedic surgery for the fixation of fractures of the long bones, especially the femur. Also called Küntscher intramedullary nail.

intramedullary nail

A metal rod forced into the medullary cavity of long, weight-bearing bones (e.g., femur, tibia), which allows ambulation within weeks rather than months. Intramedullary nails have a cloverleaf appearance on cross-section and are made of titanium, which has a lower rate of mechanical failure and improved biocompatibility.

Persistent knee pain (present in 3/4 of patients), arthritis (1/3), and atrophy of the quadriceps and calf muscles (1/4).

Kuntscher nail

A large, strong, stainless steel nail with a clover-leaf cross-section, used to maintain alignment in fractures of the shaft of the thigh bone (FEMUR) or TIBIA. The nail is hammered into the hollow canal of the bone. (Gerhard Kuntscher, 1902–72, German surgeon)


Gerhard, German surgeon, 1902-1972.
Küntscher cloverleaf nail
Küntscher driver
Küntscher femur guide pin
Küntscher intramedullary nail
Küntscher nail - an intramedullary nail used for internal fixation of a fracture.
Küntscher nail driver
Küntscher nail extender
Küntscher nail instrument
Küntscher nail set
Küntscher reamer
Küntscher rod
Küntscher shaft reamer
Küntscher traction apparatus

Kuntscher nail

an intramedullary splint with a hollow, slightly clover-leaf cross-section.
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The use of the Kuntscher nail was first described in the US in a March 12, 1945, Time Magazine article, entitled "Amazing Thighbone.
A variety of nails have been used, including the Kampala or Huckstep nail, the Kuntscher nail, the Russell-Taylor IM nail, the AO femoral nail, the Derby IM nail, the Gross and Kempf nail, the fluted IM rod, the Variwall reconstruction nail, (61) and the Russell Taylor reconstruction nail.
Specifically designed Kuntscher nails were made to meet the anterior convexity and the size of the medullary canal of the femora of goats.