Aloe vera

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aloe vera

(vĕr′ə, vîr′ə)
1. A species of aloe (Aloe vera) having fleshy serrated leaves and yellow flowers.
2. The mucilaginous juice or gel obtained from the leaves of this plant, widely used in topical preparations for its soothing effect on the skin. In both senses also called aloe.
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Aloe vera

A stemless plant of the genus Aloe (family Liliaceae), which has succulent leaves and grows in subtropical and tropical zones; aloe juice is rich in aloin, resin, emodin and volatile oils, and has a wide range of therapeutic uses.

Chinese herbal medicine
A vera is used topically for acne, athlete’s foot, burns, hemorrhoids, insect bites, premature balding, psoriasis and sunburns.

Fringe medicine
Aloe essence is said to balance and centre creative and vital life activities.
Herbal medicine
Aloe is used in Western herbal medicine for indications similar to that of Chinese herbal medicine.

Mainstream medicine
Aloe has been used in conventional medicine topically to manage radiation-therapy-induced burns.

Aloe should not be taken internally as it is a potent laxative; A vera extract has been known to be administered internally for constipation, dermatitis, gastritis, headaches, hepatitis, hypertension, hypotension, intestinal parasites and vertigo.
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Al·oe ve·ra

(English, a'lō vē'ră; Latin, al'ō-vē'ră)
A botanical used topically in wound care; used internally as a stimulant laxative (long-term use may elicit blood disorders). Other medicinal properties have not been confirmed clinically.
Synonym(s): first aid plant, hsiang-dan, kumari, lu-hui.
[L., fr. G. aloē]
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