Rudolph E., German physician, 1845-1895. See: Külz cylinder.
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En una base mas fisiologica, Kulz informo en 1874 que ningun azucar aparecia en la orina de diabeticos que consumieron 50 a 120 gramos de inulina por dia, y a finales del siglo XIX el alimento de los pacientes diabeticos con puro inulina en las dosis de 40 a 100 gramos diariamente fue reportado ser mucho mas beneficioso.
With this tract Kulz reminded settlers that their loyalty lay to
Wilhelm Kulz, Die Selbstverwaltung fur Deutsch-Sudwestafrika
Kulz, the Fuhrer was not promoted to sergeant during the World War in spite of bravery in the face of the enemy because of homosexual activity.
Now it might be objected that we are dealing here with a third-hand account lacking any real credibility: Ebermayer says that Kulz said that he had seen the papers in question.