Nicholas, Russian histologist, 1856-1925. See: Kulchitsky cells.
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Scattered neuroendocrine cells interspersed among basal cells (reminiscent of bronchial Kulchitsky cells) have been reported within the tumor.
Neuroendocrine carcinoma (NEC) of the head and neck are thought to be derived from the APUD cell family (amine precursor uptake and decarboxylase system), more specifically the Kulchitsky's cells.
(d) Adapted from Frazier 1983 and Larson and Kulchitsky 1999.
The tumor arises from the endochromaffin cells of Kulchitsky i.e.
Mr Rurchynov stated that General Volodymyr Kulchitsky was among the dead.
Bronchial carcinoids are neuroendocrine tumors arising from neuroendocrine Kulchitsky cells, located in the bronchial epithelium.
Nereikia modifikuoti variklio, nors tai butina naudojant biodegalus, del kuriu vyksta plastmasiu, gumos ir metalu irimas (Kulchitsky et al.
The stream of research that investigates the effect of the number of suppliers on supplier performance makes a compelling argument in favor of single sourcing when it comes to fostering quality, noting that the deep involvement required for reaching a high standard of quality is easier to achieve with fewer suppliers (Treleven and Schweikhart 1988; Larson and Kulchitsky 1998).
Financed by Professor Vladimir Kulchitsky and his business partner Penny Brown (the originator of the B+B concept) the move serves as part of the company's expansion plans to open properties in key tourism locations throughout the UK.
(9) Contrary to the early theory of derivation from Kulchitsky cells, it is now believed that SCC of the bladder originates from the totipotent stem cells present in the submucosa of the bladder wall.
Kulchitsky (2008) categorized students into one of two groups; risk-sensitive, and cost-sensitive.