Wilhelm (Willy) F., German physiologist and histologist, 1837-1900. See: Kühne fiber, Kühne methylene blue, Kühne phenomenon, Kühne plate, Kühne spindle.
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Inge Lauble-Meffert, who has been Head of Corporate Communications of the Kuehne + Nagel Group since 2001, will assume from March 1, 2018, responsibility for Media and Public Relations at Kuhne Holding AG and the Kuhne Foundation; for the latter she will also manage the cultural funding projects.
Integrated Control Technologies LLC, Coppell, Texas, has partnered with American Kuhne, div.
Mazur represented the Attorney Grievance Commission while Kuhne represented himself.
With never-before-used primary sources and firsthand experience navigating Powell's legendary route, Cecil Kuhne brings this remarkable chapter of frontier history to life.
Author Cecil Kuhne is a river guide, whitewater rafter, and outdoor adventure writer who has been published in the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Boston Globe.
I think the unity of  having one bitcoin, 21 million coins, that's absolutely essential for bitcoin's longterm store of value and bitcoin's longterm prospects as being a replacement for the current money system, which is my goal," Bitcoin Gold strategist Robert Kuhne told the International Business Times.
Graham Engineering is lending equipment, including an American Kuhne 1.
Heinz Company, French's, Unilever Plc, Maximo Rucik Chile, Mondelyoz International Inc, Carl Kuhne Kg (Gmbh and Co.
The first of these post-graduate meetings was jointly hosted by the University of Gottingen and the town of Einbeck in 2012 (see Kuhne & Lehnberg 2013), the seminar in Tallinn (for a thorough overview, see Kuhne 2014) was followed by a conference in Hall in Tyrol organized by the University of Innsbruck in March 2014.
Architect Eric Kuhne, who has worked on projects in North America, Europe and the Middle East, told the Cardiff Convention conference yesterday cities should celebrate creation and innovation rather than simply be designed with the needs of consumers in mind.
Architect Eric Kuhne, who says that we need to create not just meeting places but meaningful places <B Huw John
With Hamburg not flush after struggling at the wrong end of the table, it is thought that bil-lionaire backer Klaus-Michael Kuhne will help pay for the four-year deal worth [euro]12m that Kevin Keegan's old club hope to lure Lasogga to the Imtech Arena on a permanent basis.