Kuder, G. Frederic

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G. Frederic, U.S. psychologist.
Kuder Preference Record - interest inventory test.
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Students at Willowbrook High School in Villa Park, Illinois, where the system was first operational, took the Kuder Preference Record as a means of identifying the Roe field(s) of their interest and self-selected a level of educational attainment.
As far back as 1974 more than 50 million copies of the Kuder Preference Record had been used; in 1998, the publisher of the Self-Directed Search announced that more than 21 million copies had been used; and the Strong Interest Inventory which in its various forms is more widely used than most intelligence tests, is around 80 years old.
The Kuder Preference Record Supervisory Interest Scale revisited.
On the one hand, counselors had the Kuder Preference Record