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Drug slang A regional term for crack cocaine
Vox populi A fictional element from the Superman saga which is one of the few things that weakens the Man of Steel. Prolonged exposure to Kryptonite is capable of killing Superman.
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You remember: Even though Superman can see through all other materials, he can't see through Kryptonite.
Not even Superman has a chance against police Kryptonite.
The early '90s saw Pocket Full Of Kryptonite elevate The Spin Doctors from a grassroots phenomenon in their native New York to a global concern in what appeared to be the space of a sweetly struck chord.
Last year saw the 20th anniversary and re-release of Pocket Full of Kryptonite, and a tour to celebrate.
Instead of pulling out the kryptonite, real Jews were willing to go best out of three falls with Yahweh.
Located in Heliopolis, Kryptonite Toys is a wonderland for comic lovers, selling everything related to the vast world of superheroes, cult figures and indie sensations: From graphic novels and action figures to memorabilia, t-shirts and an assortment of toys for customers of all ages.
Washington, Oct 25 (ANI): New research has shown that using a cutting-edge Kryptonite superglue can improve the recovery of heart patients recovering from open-chest surgery.
New research showed that the Kryptonite - the glue's marketed brand name -
When hydraulic oil gets tossed in with diesel fuel (or vice versa), your scraper will shut down faster than Superman drinking a kryptonite milkshake
The company, called Balls of Kryptonite, sold electronic goods to people in the UK through the websites bestpricebrands.
He held the second fastest halfway sectional to Kryptonite in that Derby.
Kryptonite Chaos is just the latest in the Sunday Mirror and Daily Mirror's brilliant collection of 12 books little ones will love.