Rudolf U., Swiss surgeon, 1847-1910. See: Krönlein operation, Krönlein hernia.
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Scott allegedly stabbed the victim, Jean Louw, in the neck after an argument erupted between the two in the Kronlein residential area on 26 September 2018.
We only know of a connection with the latter, as they maintained a friendly relationship with Hammerschmidt, as attested by Otto's laudatory poem Kronen Kronlein from 1648.
Orbita cerrahisinde kemik cikarici lateral orbitotomi (Kronlein, Berke) tarihsel surecte ilk one cikan yaklasim olsa da zaman icinde deri yoluyla ve transkonjonktival yolla yapilan anterior orbitotomi daha sik kullanilir hale gelmistir.
The composer Stephan Otto, for example, advertised a collection of sacred music as containing "little works drawn from the best Kernspruchen of Holy Writ" (preface, Kronen Kronlein, oiler Musicalischer Vorlauffer [Freiburg: Georg Beuther, 1648]; all translations are mine).
At the end of the 19th century, two Swiss professors of surgery Rudolf Ulrich Kronlein (1847-1910) [23, 24] in Zurich and Theodor Kocher (1841-1917) [25, 26] in Bern developed independently a method to localize the underneath situated central sulcus and the Sylvian fissure on the scalp.
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The SMEs Expo will be held at the Keetmanshoop Community Centre, located between the Tseiblaagte and Kronlein suburbs.