Knud H., Danish neurologist, 1885-1961. See: Krabbe disease, Christensen-Krabbe disease.
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Serving -- Mund: Wilcox 1 ace; Attacking -- Mund: Ottoman 5 kills, Krabbe 4 kills, Breitenreiter 2 kills, Cartland 2 kills, Wilcox 2 kills, Martin 1 kill; Setting -- Mund: Krabbe 11 assists, Bernett 2 assists, Cartland 2 assists; Digs -- Mund: Cartland 16 digs, Bernett 14 digs, Wilcox 9 digs, Krabbe 8 digs, Ottoman 5 digs, Martin 2 digs, Shepard 2 digs, Breitenreiter 1 dig, Naddy 1 dig, Schneckloth 1 dig; Blocks -- Mund: Krabbe 5 blocks, Borieka 2 blocks, Martin 2 blocks, Cartland 1 block.
The company has a development portfolio of five product candidates, with the option to license seven more, with lead programs in GM1 gangliosidosis, frontotemporal dementia (FTD) and Krabbe disease, all of which are planned to be in the clinic in 2020.
Colin Brown, from Upper Largo, Fife, is coming to terms with losing his daughter Eilish, who was diagnosed with Krabbe Disease and died aged just nine months in 2014.
Metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD) and Krabbe's disease are autosomal recessive disorders caused by lysosomal enzyme deficiency.
5, 2005, Hunter Kelly, the son of former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, lost the battle against globoid-cell Leukodystrophy, or Krabbe Disease.
Laura Otter (39), from Sileby, had a nephew who died of Krabbe, a very rare inherited neurological condition, as a baby.
Incredibly, Asher-Smith has not finished, as today she bids to become the first athlete since Katrin Krabbe 28 years ago to go through the card by adding the sprint relay to her haul.
Asher-Smith is now hot favourite to emulate the achievement of Katrin Krabbe 28 years ago and go through the card - adding the 200 and sprint relay titles.
La Gallareta de Frente Roja Fulica rufifrons Philippi & Landbeck, 1861 es una especie propia del sur de Sudamerica, se encuentra presente en Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brasil (Fjeldsa & Krabbe 1990, Taylor et al.
Krabbe disease may mimic GAN with early cerebellar involvement and is more common.
Frank is sent on a job to pick up Valentina (Natalya Rudakova), the kidnapped daughter of Leonid Vasilev (Jeroen Krabbe), head of Ukraine's powerful Environmental Protection Agency.