Yosizo, Japanese ophthalmologist, 1880-1954. See: Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome.
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1st place - Nurislam (Artas) SANAYEV (Kazakhstan)2nd place - Kazuya KOYANAGI (Japan)3rd place- Ulukbek Joldoshbekov (Kyrgyzstan)3rd place - Abbos RAKHMONOV (Uzbekistan)
Forty years later, in the summer of 1985, his father dug up Shinichi's remains and transferred them to the family grave, and the tricycle, after sleeping for 40 years in the backyard with Shinichi, was donated to the Peace Memorial Museum,' said Rumiko Koyanagi, a schoolgirl who was visiting the museum with her schoolmates.
Vogt Koyanagi Harada (VKH) is an autoimmune disease with widespread systemic manifestations.
5) and correspond to the salticid Rhl and Rh2 genes described in Koyanagi et al.
Alternative options include the Koyanagi repair and its modifications or a composite repair involving tubularization proximally and distally with a transverse preputial flap onlay in the middle.
Yoichi Koyanagi (Project Director, Computer Systems Laboratory, Fujitsu Laboratories)
Koyanagi T, Nishida H, Kitamura M, Endo M, Koyanagi H, Kawaguchi M, et al.
Finalmente, se presenta dos casos clinicos de interes para el lector de Anales, sobre Enfisema subcutaneo no infeccioso en mano: reporte de un caso y Adalimumab como alternativa terapeutica en el sindrome de Vogt Koyanagi Harada refractario al infliximab: reporte de caso, y un caso de Insulinoma pancreatico gigante.
15 Ogawa H, Iwaya K, Izumi M, Kuroda M, Serizawa H, Koyanagi Y, Mukai K:Expression of CD 10 by stromal cells during colorectal tumor development.
24) See Koyanagi, supra note 1 (outlining the history of deinstitutionalization).
Tech in Asia has done a great job reporting and connecting Asia's tech ecosystem and Nikkei will definitely like to play a part too," says Ken Koyanagi, publisher of the Nikkei Asian Review.