von Kossa, Julius

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von Kossa,

Julius, 19th century Austrian-Hungarian pathologist.
Kossa stain - Synonym(s): von Kossa stain
von Kossa stain - for calcium in mineralized tissue. Synonym(s): Kossa stain
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Footwear-wise we got two-time SOTY Chris Cole circling back to the reborn Fallen label while upstart Kaue Kossa signed on the dotted line with Cons.
von Kossa staining was performed to show the mineralization and calcium deposition of differentiated cells as a marker of osteogenic transformation.
Nevertheless, more specific staining for these cells, such as the Von Kossa method (Pereira & Caetano, 2009), should be used in future studies.
The firm said that it has hired Credit Suisse Group AG's head of German and Austrian M&A, Tibor Kossa. He is to join the firm as co-head of mergers & acquisitions in Germany and Austria.
My father worked in coffee, and his father," says Ato Aklilu Kossa, founder of Nardos Coffee Export.
Deposition of a calcified matrix was confirmed with Von Kossa staining (Fig.
The Von Kossa staining (American MasterTech, Lodi, CA) was done according to the manufacturer's instructions and analysed using an IX-71 inverted microscope (Olympus, Center Valley, PA).
Von Kossa staining was used to detect the calcium deposits in the formaldehyde-fixed cultures.
The von Kossa method for quantifying calcium crystal formation and deposition was performed as described previously (5).