Korean hemorrhagic fever

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hem·or·rhag·ic fe·ver with re·nal syn·drome

a form of disorder caused by the Hantaan virus.
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Korean hemorrhagic fever

A form of hemorrhagic fever endemic to northeastern Asia that is caused by a hantavirus transmitted by a field mouse, characterized in its later stages by hemorrhage, shock, and kidney failure.
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An Eastern Asia infection caused by Hantavirus, a Bunyavirus isolated in the Hantaan River, acquired via aerosolized rodent feces and urine—Rattus rattus, Apodemus agrarius, Clethrionomys glariolus, Microtus spp; 100,000 cases/year in China, and may be increased
Prognosis Mortality rate is determined by the vector itself, Apodemus-associated infections—3–7% mortality is worse than nephropathia epidemica, which has a vole—Clethrionomys vector
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Ko·re·an hem·or·rhag·ic fe·ver

, Korean hemorrhagic fever virus (kōr-ē'ăn hem'ŏr-aj'ik fē'vĕr, vī'rŭs)
An epidemic form of the disease caused by a Hantaan virus.
Compare: hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, epidemic hemorrhagic fever
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