Konno procedure

Kon·no pro·ce·dure

a method of repairing congenital tunnel-type subaortic stenosis and narrowing of the left ventricular-aortic junction by aortoventriculoplasty and prosthetic valve replacement.
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This prompted a shared discussion between the patient, her family, and the medical team culminating in the agreement to proceed with a wide resection of the mass by removing the muscular septum, the membranous septum, and dissecting into the right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) as a modified Konno procedure. After successful resection, a modified Bentall procedure was used to replace the aortic root along with the aortic valve via a porcine bioprosthesis, reimplant the coronary vessels, reconstruct the interventricular septum, the RVOT, and repair the tricuspid valve.
As a result, the surgeon proceeded with the Bentall and modified Konno procedures after wide resection of the mass.
At first the health authorities refused to pay for the treatment saying he did not need the operation, known as a Konno procedure, but later agreed to pay for it.
The Konno Procedure is a complex operation to cut space below the aortic valve and replace part of it with an artificial calcium one to take pressure off the organ.
Doctor's at London's Brompton Hospital feared the worst and told Ruth that only a delicate operation called the Konno Procedure could save her.