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Franz, German surgeon, 1832-1910. See: Koenig syndrome.
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gesagt wird, da[ss] in diesem fruhen Vorlaufer der sonst nur in den Tempeln der griechisch-romischen Zeit dargestellten Ritualszene im Gegensatz zu den spaten Darstellungen der Konig nichts opfert und nicht spricht und dieser Unterschied von D.
This is something I don't want to do," Konig insists.
He took over with more than a furlong to run and drove the fiveyear-old out to score by two and a half lengths from Konig Concorde.
Summary: Devotees to custom cars are to be handed an exclusive offer from Konig Wheels when they enter their rides into the largest "show car" competition in the Middle East - the Barbican Turbo Top 100.
Konig, with a German genomics company, takes center stage, recounting tales from Heny M.
Hannover Re also said ROLAND VOGEL is to replace ELKE KONIG as chief financial officer of Hannover Re and E+S Ruck on March 31.
this brand is known as Konig Ludwig Weiss, and is imported by Warsteiner Importers Agency of West Chester, OH.
Jacques Dupuis and Cardinal Franz Konig, shortly before their deaths.
Patent 7,252,111 (August 7, 2007), "Transport of Highly Viscous Fluids in Closed Pipeline Systems," Sven Konig, Hermann Steinmetz Neuhaus, Ulrich Reiser, and Norbert Grittner (Tesa Aktiengesellschafi, Hamburg, Germany).
Cardinal Franz Konig (1905-2004) observes that Rahner was introduced in the 1920s to new theological "starting points and beginnings" by Romano Guardini (d.
The tester defines hardness by the Konig and/or Persoz method as described in the standards ISO 1522 and ASTM D 4366.