Emmanuel, Greek surgeon, 1879-1939. See: Kondoleon operation.
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The topics include the birth of the Princes' Mirror in the Homeric epics, the problem with the prince: Agamemnon in the ancient exegetical tradition on Homer, some critical themes in Philodemus' On the Good King According to Homer, speaking Homer to power: anecdotes of Greek intellectuals and their rulers in Plutarch's symposia, and on the good king according to Homer: a 16th-century treatise by Christophoros Kondoleon. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
The plays are "A Relationship -- Abridged" by Seth Kramer, "Self Torture and Strenuous Exercise" by Harry Kondoleon and "Post-its (Notes on a Marriage)" by Paul Dooley and Winnie Holzman.
Sem duvida, boa parte, senao a totalidade, do aprendizado seria de ordem pratica, devendo o aspirante ao oficio cumprir um periodo de treinamento no canteiro de obras, sob a supervisao de um mestre, quando entao poderia se familiarizar com os modelos geometricos e figurativos basicos, os schemata, adaptados conforme a disponibilidade dos materiais, o tipo de mosaico escolhido e, naturalmente, os caprichos do proprietario (Kondoleon, 2001).
For discussion of this question, see Theodore Kondoleon, "Divine Exemplarism in Augustine," Augustinian Studies 1 (1970) 181-95.
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In the same vein (so to speak), the late Harry Kondoleon wrote a very funny play about blood-sucking critics, The Vampires.
He also won the Obie for his direction of Harry Kondoleon's Saved or Destroyed.
Book and company break all the rules of conventional playwriting with Five Flights, but fans of quirky, soulful comic playwrights like Craig Lucas and Harry Kondoleon will feel fight at home.
NEW YORK A New York Theater Workshop presentation of a play in two acts by Harry Kondoleon. Directed by Craig Lucas.