John A., U.S. pathologist, 1886-1962. See: Kolmer test.
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Kolmer (2003) and Oelke and Kolmer (2004), suggested that prior to exercising any gene pyramiding approach, it is necessary to identify the effective and genetically diversified sources of resistance.
Eighteen SSR markers were developed for the phytopathogenic rust fungus Puccinia triticina (Szabo and Kolmer, 2007).
We are looking forward to a long-lasting and successful partnership," says Gerd Kolmer, sales director of Bruckner Textile Technologies.
Viena is problemu, su kuria daznai susiduriama--remeju paieska ir pritraukimas (Singh, Hu 2008; Zeng, Go, Kolmer 2011; Xing et al.
Joel Kolmer were the first of the five to die on October 20, 1992, ambushed in their car as they attempted to help one of their mission workers safely back to his village amid intense rebel fighting in their area.
Shoshana Kolmer was sent at the age of 21 to Auschwitz.
Just two years later, in the August 1980 issue, Lee Kolmer, then dean of Iowa State University's College of Agriculture, said: "The CapperVolstead Act is under siege.
Kolmer and Semekto (2009) mainly focused on topics such as military actions and political aspects.
8226; Sean Kolmer, MPH - Assistant Health Policy Advisor for Governor Kitzhaber
Vree TB, Van Ewijk-Beneken Kolmer EW, Verwey-Van Wissen CP, Hekster YA.
Krippendorff (2004: xiii) argues that content analysis is 'potentially one of the most important research techniques', while Kolmer (2008: 128) claims the method 'offers new insights into the nature of journalism in a changing world'.