Arthur, 19th-century German urologist. See: Kollmann dilator.
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Seeing Muscovy Anew: Politics - Institutions - Culture: Essays in Honor of Nancy Shields Kollmann
Additionally, the type and the associated parameters of mechanical processing techniques, e.g., tool sharpness and rake angle, directly determine the surface morphology (Kollmann 1955, Sinn et al.
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Nancy Shields Kollmann, The Russian Empire, 1450-1801.
ComposUu[c] de l'accordUu[c]oniste Stefan Kollmann et le clarinettiste et percussionniste Markus Fellner, le team a jouUu[c] les morceaux des grands compositeurs classiques non sans apporter des Uu[c]lUu[c]ments modernes.
It has considerable value as a raw material in building industry, applied in several components, as well as structural parts, due to its good relationship between strength and density (Kollmann & Cote, 1968; Hodousek, 2017; Osuji & Nwankwo, 2017).
DJs Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann will perform at Skylite Rooftop Lounge, Yas Viceroy in Abu Dhabi on November 24, as part of the F1 Mobilee Rooftop World Tour.
Friends said Guilliano Kollmann, 18, was killed after being shot in the back.
DW talks to expert Martin Kollmann about getting vital drugs to the communities that need them the most -- amid war, famine and unrest.
Ja e fato comprovado que a resistencia a compressao e influenciada pela inclinacao das fibras (WANGAARD, 1950; KOLLMANN; COTE, 1968; DINWOODIE, 1975; BODIG; JAYNE, 1982; GREKIN; SURINI, 2008), entretanto, a maior ou menor influencia depende da especie da madeira.