Arthur, 19th-century German urologist. See: Kollmann dilator.
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As Nancy Kollmann demonstrates in her stimulating and wide-ranging consideration of 16th-century visual culture, the LLS was a grandiose artistic endeavor on an unprecedented scale.
SABINE KOLLMANN, A companion to Mario Vargas Llosa.
DJs Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann will perform at Skylite Rooftop Lounge, Yas Viceroy in Abu Dhabi on November 24, as part of the F1 Mobilee Rooftop World Tour.
Contract notice: Site supervision for electrical and mechanical equipment on the A2 motorway - Restoration and STSG Kollmann tunnel and Haberberg tunnel.
Friends said Guilliano Kollmann, 18, was killed after being shot in the back.
DW talks to expert Martin Kollmann about getting vital drugs to the communities that need them the most -- amid war, famine and unrest.
Kollmann e Cote (1984), FOREST PRODUCTS LABORATORY (1999), Liu e Ross (1998), Logsdon e Jesus (2010) e Szucs (1992), no estudo da influencia da direcao de aplicacao do esforco em relacao as fibras da madeira na resistencia ao cisalhamento, utilizaram principios e teorias aplicadas a resistencia a compressao.
Chiang y Li, 2010; Kollmann, Kuckertz, y Kayser, 2012; Venkatesan, Kumar, y Ravishanker, 2007; Xu-Priour, Cliquet, y Fu, 2012) o al uso de varios canales en un mismo proceso de compra (e.
Riga, Maureen Thum, and Judith Kollmann makes the case that Jackson's screenwriting decisions actually echo Tolkien's own abortive attempt to revise and change The Hobbit to bring it into line with the mood and milieu of The Lord of the Rings.
According to it, the candidates who have the greatest chances are Peter Kollmann and Thomas Winkler.
Trevor Kollmann, La Trobe University, "New Deal Public Housing Projects and Their Impact on Local Communities"