Arthur, 19th-century German urologist. See: Kollmann dilator.
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DW asked Tobias Kollmann from the University of Duisburg-Essen for his take on new holding company Alphabet and the future of Google.
Riga, Maureen Thum, and Judith Kollmann makes the case that Jackson's screenwriting decisions actually echo Tolkien's own abortive attempt to revise and change The Hobbit to bring it into line with the mood and milieu of The Lord of the Rings.
Little, Mendelssohn and the Organ [Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010])--but also through their less well-known forebears such as August Kollmann and Carl Frieclerich Baumgarten, who arrived in London in the 1780s and figure prominently in Yearsley's discussion.
According to it, the candidates who have the greatest chances are Peter Kollmann and Thomas Winkler.
Trevor Kollmann, La Trobe University, "New Deal Public Housing Projects and Their Impact on Local Communities"
These results agree with those obtained by Kollmann and Krech (1960), James (1961, 1964), Suzuki (1962), Obataya et al.
With 'ReadyGlazed' we are looking at an entirely new chapter in the history of the Schulstad Royal Danish Pastry," stated Mathias Kollmann, marketing director of Verden-based Lantmannen Unibake Germany.
Based on the analytical expressions for calculating the drying time by Kollmann, we have created mathematical models for parameters of drying process, and as result we have modified Kollmann's expression:
Nancy Kollmann, RNC, MSN, MBA/HCM, FNGNA, is Chief Operating Officer at Cherrywood Advanced Living in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.
The authors thank the botanists Ludovic Kollmann and Clara Esgario for their support during field studies in Bahia and valuable suggestions, as well as Rafael de Oliveira for providing living specimens of O.
Schaller M, Korting HC, Kollmann M, Kind P: The hyperkeratotic variant of porokeratosis Mibelli is a distinct entity: clinical and ultrastructural evidence.