Rudolph A. von, Swiss histologist, 1817-1905. See: Kölliker layer, Kölliker reticulum.
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Effect of reversible inactivation of the Kolliker fuse nucleus on basal blood pressure and heart rate in anesthetized rat.
Parental care is widespread in insects, occurring in at least 47 families of 13 orders, and treehoppers provide some of the best examples (Lin, 2006; Wong, Meunier, & Kolliker, 2013).
One of the first X-ray images that Wilhelm Roentgen made was a radiograph of the hands of the Swiss anatomist and psychologist Albert von Kelikera (German: Albert Von Kolliker, 6 July 1817-2 November 1905, Figure lc).
Kolliker Frers RA, Bisoendial RJ, Montoya SF, et al.
The evolution of human fatherhood is best viewed against a theoretical and empirical backdrop of mammalian reproduction, in general, and male reproductive effort, with an emphasis on mating effort, in particular (Royle, Smiseth, & Kolliker, eds.
However, it was Rudolf Albert Von Kolliker (1817 1905)5 who studied human fetuses and named this organ the "Vomeronasal organ".
Intertidal species of Branchiomma Kolliker and Pseudobranchiomma Jones (Polychaeta: Sabellidae: Sabellinae) occurring on rocky shores along the State of Sao Paulo, Southeastern Brazil.
Kolliker era firme partidario de la teoria reticular, pero los trabajos de Cajal lo persuadieron de abandonarla y proclamar el nuevo concepto: la teoria del contacto y de las neuronas como entidades separadas e independientes.
Sin embargo, cabe aclarar que Uexkull no siempre fue adverso a la teoria darwiniana (como lo fueron Karl Ernst von Baer, Franz Leydig, Rudolf Virchow y Albert von Kolliker, todos ellos estrechamente ligados con la filosofia de la naturaleza), de hecho, cuando estudio zoologia y la teoria evolutiva bajo la tutoria de Julius Kennel en la Universidad de Tartu, llego a identificarse con Darwin, a quien estudio a fondo (Kull, 2004: 105).
25 March 2010: John Allasio, Rosalee Bleecker, Philip Chisholm, Vernetta Glover, Thanaphorn Janadia, David Keith Kolliker, Michael W.
The scientist learning to lipread the deaf-mute's equations The line actually refers to a character called Kolliker who is deaf, dumb, and deprived of arms and legs--the very emblem of GAP--and an atomic scientist, whose very trade is SPLITTING.