Rudolph A. von, Swiss histologist, 1817-1905. See: Kölliker layer, Kölliker reticulum.
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The ontogeny of auditory system function has been correlated with many events, for example, the differentiation of the outer hair cells (OHCs), maturation of the synapses, development of tissue space in the organ of Corti (OC), and degradation of Kolliker's organ [13].
The nemertean, Carcinonemertes carcinophilia (Kolliker).
For generalist predators cannibalism and intraguild predation can serve to reduce densities and, therefore, relieve animals from some level of competition (Dobler and Kolliker, 2009; Barkae et al, 2014).
El trabajo fue encargado a Wilhelm His y sus colaboradores Kolliker, Hertwig, Kollmann, Merkel, Swallow, Toldt, Waldeyer, actuando como secretario, Bardelebe (His, 1895); y que culmino con la aprobacion y posterior publicacion de la Nomina Anatomica de Basilea.
A band of Sox2 expression was also observed within the basal region of the cochlear duct, which is correlated with the position of the developing organ of Corti and Kolliker's organ (Figure 1, D1-D3).
Fabian Kolliker, Head of Marketing at the Swiss Krono Group, voiced early praise for the professional nature of the event: "We are very satisfied with the number, quality and internationality of attendees.
Kolliker, "Mittheilungen aus der chirurgischen Casuistik und Kleinere Mittheilungen.
Effect of reversible inactivation of the Kolliker fuse nucleus on basal blood pressure and heart rate in anesthetized rat.
In literal meaning parental care is a series of behaviors in which parents spend time and their energies to feed and protect their children and not only work for their fitness but maintains it altruistically (Clutton-Brock, 1991; Smiseth, Kolliker, and Royle, 2012).
Parental care is widespread in insects, occurring in at least 47 families of 13 orders, and treehoppers provide some of the best examples (Lin, 2006; Wong, Meunier, & Kolliker, 2013).
One of the first X-ray images that Wilhelm Roentgen made was a radiograph of the hands of the Swiss anatomist and psychologist Albert von Kelikera (German: Albert Von Kolliker, 6 July 1817-2 November 1905, Figure lc).
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