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Oskar, German physician, 1871-1917. See: Kohnstamm phenomenon.
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Manuel Kohnstamm, Liberty Global s Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, said, Over the past year, our partnership with CoderDojo has gone from strength to strength, enabling CoderDojo to reach more young people and equip them with essential coding and programming skills.
Initiated by Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, the goal of the EU-US Privacy Bridge Project is to come up with "a practical, pragmatic and technological solution" to "bridge the gap between the data privacy regimes in the United States and European Union.
Manuel Kohnstamm Chief Policy Officer and Senior Vice-President Regulatory and Public Policy Liberty Global
Google spins an invisible web of our personal data, without consent," said Jacob Kohnstamm, the chairman of the DPA.
DPA Chairman Jacob Kohnstamm said that Google 'spins an invisible web' of the users' personal data, without their consent, which is forbidden by law.
In the short, formal letter addressed to Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer on December 17, the head of the A29 WP Jacob Kohnstamm, said that the investigation was taking place in response to changes in Microsoft's Services Agreement and the possibility that these would affect its privacy policy.
Jacob Kohnstamm, the Dutch data protection boss and head of the working group of EU data protection regulators, said it was the first time regulators had cooperated on an investigation.
Gathering Internet payload data without authorization may not be illegal in the United States, but it is in Europe--where the Street View issue first emerged--according to Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of the Dutch Data Protection Authority and head of the Article 29 Group, the top European privacy panel.
But Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of the group of 27 national privacy regulators in the EU, said the French data protection agency has launched an investigation into the new rules and how they will affect Google users in the EU.
Joshua Kohnstamm, President, Kohnstamm Communications
Jeff Kohnstamm, president of RLK and Company and operators of Timberline, said, 'Timberline Lodge has a historical commitment to the environment and the community.
Factor analyses have consistently generated five factors, known as the "Five-Factor-Model" (FFM; Halverson, Kohnstamm, & Martin, 1994, p.