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Oskar, German physician, 1871-1917. See: Kohnstamm phenomenon.
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equity folks say it's too little; some parents say it's too much"); see also Kevin Lynch & Amy Carlson Kohnstamm, Portland Public Schools: School Equity?
The findings suggest that parent' perceptions of attributes of the ideal child are closely related to traditional values of their culture (Zhang, Kohnstamm, Lotboom, Elphick, and Cheung, 2002).
KOHNSTAMM Kathleen (Robbie) Peacefully at UHW on 14th November, 2016.
Initiated by Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, the goal of the EU-US Privacy Bridge Project is to come up with "a practical, pragmatic and technological solution" to "bridge the gap between the data privacy regimes in the United States and European Union.
We are working to build an expanded MVNO, which will concern all of Europe: a pan-European MVNO platform," explained Manuel Kohnstamm, vice-president of Liberty Global, during a conference organised by the German research institute WIKain Brussels, on 17 March.
Google spins an invisible web of our personal data, without consent," said Jacob Kohnstamm, the chairman of the DPA.
DPA Chairman Jacob Kohnstamm said that Google 'spins an invisible web' of the users' personal data, without their consent, which is forbidden by law.
Pitney Bowes Inc (NYSE:PBI), a provider of technology solutions, on Monday named Bill Borrelle as senior vice president of Brand Strategy and Integrated Marketing Communications, who will report executive vice president and chief marketing officer Abby F Kohnstamm, with effect from 30 September 2013.
to Jacob Kohnstamm, Chairman, Article 29 Working Party (Dec.
In general, it has been observed that children with propensity to express negative emotions, low level of adaptability, high level of activity, low emotional regulation, and who may be described as temperamentally difficult, tend to have a higher incidence of behavioral problems during development (Bates, Kohnstamm, & Rothbart, 1989; Chess, Thomas, Carey, & McDevitt, 1989), especially when it comes to aggressive behavior (Chess et al.
In the short, formal letter addressed to Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer on December 17, the head of the A29 WP Jacob Kohnstamm, said that the investigation was taking place in response to changes in Microsoft's Services Agreement and the possibility that these would affect its privacy policy.