Kohler illumination

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Köh·ler il·lu·mi·na·tion

a method of illumination of microscopic objects in which the image of the light source is focused on the substage condenser diaphragm and the diaphragm of the light source is focused in the same plane with the object to be observed; maximizes both the brightness and uniformity of the illuminated field.


August, German microscopist, 1866-1948.
Köhler illumination - a method of illumination of microscopic objects.
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sampling Area As Small As 2x2 Microns While Using Proper Kohler Illumination.
The Illumination Manager automates the time-consuming Kohler illumination adjustment process for the full range of objective magnifications.
Microspectrophotometer must be an integrated unit allowing for proper Kohler illumination of all light sources from 350 to 950 nm.
Microspectrophotometer must be able to acquire transmission spectra from 350 to 950 nm of sampling areas as small as 2 x 2 microns with a single operation and true Kohler illumination including imaging the field diaphragm (F stop).