Franjo, Yugoslavian physician, 1894-1983. See: spongiform pustule of Kogoj.
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Among composers such as Vasilij Mirk, Zdravko Svikarsic, Mihael Rozanc, Srecko Kumar, Makso Unger, Ivan Grbec, Ciril Pregelj, Sasa Santel and Breda Scek, the seeds of the modern movement were sown by Marij Kogoj and his work for mixed choir, Trenotek (A Moment), set to a text by Josip Murn-Aleksandrov.
Stanislaus Kogoj (owner) e-mail (kogoj@villajackpot.
Histologically, the lesions show upper dermal layer edema with neutrophilic collections between keratinocytes in the stratum corneum forming spongiform pustules of Kogoj and in the stratum spinosum (2, 3).
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