Franjo, Yugoslavian physician, 1894-1983. See: spongiform pustule of Kogoj.
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The image includes widening of superficial capillaries and perivascular lymphocytic infiltration, focal swelling of the skin, and spongiform Kogoj pustules (neutrophil infiltration of the necrotic areas of the skin).
Dramas are now being written by numerous women writers, including: Dragica Potocnjak (1958), Desa Muck (1955), Sasa Pavcek (1960), Zanina Mircevska (1967), Zalka Grabnar Kogoj (1967), Kim Komljanec (1978), Simona Semenic (1975), Jera Ivanc (1975), Sasa Rakef (1980), Tamara Matevc (1972), Simona Hamer (1984), Vesna Hauschild (1985), Tjasa Mislej (1985) and Iza Strehar (1992).
von Helena Verdel, Traude Kogoj, unter mitarbeit von Diana Karabinova, Lilli Hollein und Andreas P.
Epidermal clusters of neutrophils have been given eponymous names such as Munro's microabscesses and Kogoj pustules [3].
Among composers such as Vasilij Mirk, Zdravko Svikarsic, Mihael Rozanc, Srecko Kumar, Makso Unger, Ivan Grbec, Ciril Pregelj, Sasa Santel and Breda Scek, the seeds of the modern movement were sown by Marij Kogoj and his work for mixed choir, Trenotek (A Moment), set to a text by Josip Murn-Aleksandrov.
Along supposed active faults new networks of triangulation points should be installed outside the fault zones and precise terrestic geodetic measurements repeated at regular intervals, which would enable establishment of 3D displacement along these faults, as it has already been done along the Orlica fault in SE Slovenia (Kogoj et al., 2004).
In September, the playwrights Simona Semenic, Zalka Grabnar Kogoj and Saska Rakef traveled to New York to work on English translations of their plays in collaboration with playwrights Young Jean Lee, Jason Grote and Ruth Margraff, along with directors Ivan Talijancic, Jay Scheib and Sarah Benson.
The Florian Art and Design Collection is yet more selective, offering a CD of the Florian orchestra, and such dainties as Casanova glasses by Oskar Kogoj, plus fine books and jewelry.