Werner, German surgeon, 1853-1937. See: Koerte-Ballance operation.
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Meinel FG, Fischer J, Pomschar A, Wohrle N, Koerte IK, Steffinger D, et al.
Peter Koerte, President, Point of Care Diagnostics, Siemens Healthineers, said, "As hospitals consolidate and acquire physician offices, there is a huge need by emerging healthcare networks for seamless integration of hundreds of decentralized devices that are spread across dozens of sites.
Asva koerte koproliitide arheozooloogiline analuus.
These changes are subtle," says Inga Koerte, a radiologist at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.
The congruency of destination image anticipated by the tourism public sector with the image perceived by tourists will help Vietnam as a tourism destination attract more and more visitors in order to improve significantly tourism growth as supported by the literature about destination image (Cai, 2002, Koerte, 2009; Prebezac, Mikulic, 2009; Le, Cooper, 2009).
Prantsusmaal kogutakse neid valjaopetatud koerte ja sigadega, kes leiavad need maa alt ules.
Peter Koerte, PhD Vice President, Global Marketing, Point of Care business unit Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Provider of Stratus[c] CS Acute Care[TM] Diagnostic System