Werner, German surgeon, 1853-1937. See: Koerte-Ballance operation.
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Asva koerte koproliitide arheozooloogiline analuus.
These changes are subtle," says Inga Koerte, a radiologist at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.
Peter Koerte, PhD Vice President, Global Marketing, Point of Care business unit Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Provider of Stratus[c] CS Acute Care[TM] Diagnostic System
The congruency of destination image anticipated by the tourism public sector with the image perceived by tourists will help Vietnam as a tourism destination attract more and more visitors in order to improve significantly tourism growth as supported by the literature about destination image (Cai, 2002, Koerte, 2009; Prebezac, Mikulic, 2009; Le, Cooper, 2009).
Prantsusmaal kogutakse neid valjaopetatud koerte ja sigadega, kes leiavad need maa alt ules.
In doing so, we are making the entire market for RapidIO-enabled MicroTCA systems possible well ahead of the competition," said Heiko Koerte, vice president and director of sales and marketing at N.