H., 20th-century German ophthalmologist. See: Koerber-Salus-Elschnig syndrome.
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Koerber and daughter of Elkville attended the funeral of Miss Lillian Bechtlofft held here at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church ...
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In 1963, Hauni South Manufacturing was established by Dr Kurt Koerber as the second overseas subsidiary of Hauni Werke, a German equipment manufacturer.
Stressing the need for libraries to be "safe places" for all members of a community, Koerber's book is a practical and comprehensive guide on ways to provide services to those who are new to living in the United States or who are applying for citizenship regardless of immigration status.
President Moon presented his vision for a peaceful, nuclear-free Korean peninsula, conceived well before his election, in an address at the Koerber Foundation in Berlin.
There are 193 miles of terrain between Robert and Denise May, who live in the village of Port Lions on Kodiak Island, and Charlotte Nicolet and son Nick Koerber, who reside in Seward--but the two families have much in common.
Based on the interpretation of Gerschenkron (1977) the years after 1900 can be seen as the period of missed opportunities in relation to the reform program of the Koerber government.
Canady, Chief Executive Officer, Melynda Mileski, Executive Vice President/COO and Rodger Koerber, Rahway Branch Executive Director at The Gateway Family YMCA - Rahway Branch, 1564 Irving Street, Rahway.