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Franz, German surgeon, 1832-1910. See: Koenig syndrome.
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To a large extent, Ponzi and Koenig's research explains that KM "is considered by many as an emerging multidisciplinary field associated with the likes of system engineering, organizational learning, and decision support.
Going into the 2001 Bianchi Cup-- okay, it's actually the NRA Bianchi Cup National Action Pistol Championship--Doug Koenig and John Pride were tied for the most wins in the Cup's history with four apiece.
Add in guest artists Jordi Riber (recently signed to Alberta Ballet) and San Francisco Ballet's Tina LeBlanc--who was making her debut in the role of Swanilda--and Koenig and Myers felt nervous but confident that they had a winner.
Born on August 3, 1956, at Itazuke Air Force Base in Fukuoka, Japan, Koenig is the son of a fighter pilot who flew missions in Korea and Vietnam.
It was sometime later, when I was talking to Wolf Koenig, that we came up with this idea for a plot line.
The original script for the film was written by an American-Jewish couple who offered producer Koenig the opportunity to make the film "a la Hollywood" as a German co-producer.
Koenig and his colleagues studied 4,000 older adults in a heavily Protestant area of North Carolina.
Moori Koenig tries to hide her at the Waterworks, but a fire breaks out and ruins the plan.
According to Koenig, Creative Home continued to operate independently under Jayark, and when the opportunity arose Creative Home's management purchased the name and the inventory from Jayark.
We are now entering into a third stage of information systems development, a stage which promises to be even more exciting with far more rapid change than what we have been used to for the last twenty years in stage two (Koenig, 1992).
Bonnie Koenig isn't making a grammatical gaffe when she says she's developed a berry, berry good product.
He and Daniel Koenig, Steinway's vice president of manufacturing, agreed that automating the piano-cabinet finishing process would be a suitably conservative place to start, since it has nothing to do with the piano's sound.