Kocher, E. Theodor

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E. Theodor, Swiss surgeon and Nobel laureate, 1841-1917.
Kocher elevator
Kocher approach
Kocher artery forceps
Kocher biliary tract incision
Kocher bladder retractor
Kocher clamp - a heavy, straight hemostat.
Kocher-Debré-Semelaigne syndrome - autosomal recessive inherited athyrotic cretinism associated with muscular pseudohypertrophy. Synonym(s): Debré-Semelaigne syndrome
Kocher dissector
Kocher forceps
Kocher goiter dissector
Kocher hemostat
Kocher incision - an incision parallel with right costal margin.
Kocher intestinal forceps
Kocher kidney-elevating forceps
Kocher maneuver
Kocher periosteal dissector
Kocher retractor
Kocher sign - in Graves disease, on upward gaze the globe lags behind the movement of the upper eyelid.
Kocher spoon
Kocher ureterosigmoidostomy procedure
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An Alexis[R] wound retractor XS (Applied Medical, Santa Rancha Margarita, CA, USA) was inserted through the umbilical wound, and the Kocher maneuver was performed.
The hepatoduodenal ligament was loosened, and the duodenum and the pancreatic head were partly mobilized by Kocher maneuver for better exposure oflarge caudate masses.
Mobilization was attempted using a Kocher maneuver. Dissection was difficult as the lateral edge of the duodenum did not have a well defined edge.