Kocher incision

Ko·cher in·ci·sion

an incision made several inches below and parallel to the right costal margin.
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Ko·cher in·ci·sion

(kō'kĕr in-sizh'ŭn)
An abdominal incision below and parallel to the costal margin.
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E. Theodor, Swiss surgeon and Nobel laureate, 1841-1917.
Kocher elevator
Kocher approach
Kocher artery forceps
Kocher biliary tract incision
Kocher bladder retractor
Kocher clamp - a heavy, straight hemostat.
Kocher-Debré-Semelaigne syndrome - autosomal recessive inherited athyrotic cretinism associated with muscular pseudohypertrophy. Synonym(s): Debré-Semelaigne syndrome
Kocher dissector
Kocher forceps
Kocher goiter dissector
Kocher hemostat
Kocher incision - an incision parallel with right costal margin.
Kocher intestinal forceps
Kocher kidney-elevating forceps
Kocher maneuver
Kocher periosteal dissector
Kocher retractor
Kocher sign - in Graves disease, on upward gaze the globe lags behind the movement of the upper eyelid.
Kocher spoon
Kocher ureterosigmoidostomy procedure
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During the procedure, a Kocher incision placed about 2 fingerbreadths above the clavicle in the midline of the neck was used to gain access.
A Kocher incision was made and the finding of a preduodenal portal vein confirmed (Fig.
Patients either had conventional surgery using a Kocher incision, minimally invasive surgery, or endoscopic thyroidectomy.