Koch's bacillus

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Koch's bacillus

(1) Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 
(2) Vibrio cholerae.
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Koch, Heinrich Herman Robert

German bacteriologist, 1843–1910.

Koch's bacillus

Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Koch's phenomenon

A local inflammatory reaction resulting from injection of tuberculin into the skin of a person who has been previously exposed to the tubercle bacillus. The test represents the clinical application of a type IV (delayed-type) hypersensitivity reaction. In contemporary skin tests for tuberculosis, Koch's, or “old, ” tuberculin has been replaced by tuberculin purified protein derivative. See: tuberculosis

Koch's postulate

The criterion used in proving an organism is the cause of a disease or lesion: the microorganism in question is regularly found in the lesions of the disease; pure cultures can be obtained from it. When inoculated into susceptible animals, pure cultures can reproduce the disease or pathological condition; and the organism can be obtained again in pure culture from the inoculated animal.
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