Heinrich, German dermatologist, 1838-1904. See: Köbner phenomenon.
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(6) Pruritus and tenderness may or may not be present, and the Kobner phenomenon may occur.
Danielssen and Boeck in 1847 classified leprosy into three main clinical types as shown in (Box 2).1 Same authors in 1848 divided leprosy into nodular and anesthetic (Box 2).2 Hansen and Looft in 1895 divided it into tuberosa and maculoanesthetic types (Box 2).3 But, term nodular and maculoanesthetic were used by Kobner.4 Neisser in 1903 described the disease under three forms (Box 2).5 Darier used the term 'tuberculoid' in relation to leprosy.4
Sam Warburton with pupils Joey Hobbs, Maysa Abdelmageed, Jenna Kobner and Misha Abdelmageed at Llanishen Fach Primary School ROB BROWNE
Argo Real Estate's Harold Kobner said it was no surprise to him when his listing at 471 Washington Street closed within 12 days.
INTRODUCTION: Epidermolysis bullosa simplex (EBS) is a group of hereditary bullous diseases characterized by intraepidermal blistering due to mild mechanical traumas.(1) Patients present with widely varying severity and are classified in three main subtypes: EBS Weber-Cockayne, EBS Kobner and EBS Dowling-Meara, on the basis of the severity and distribution of the blisters, the age of onset, and the ultrastructural investigation of the epidermis and basement membrane zone.
Los primeros estudios sobre este proceso provienen de finales del siglo pasado, siendo Kobner en 1986, quien propuso el termino Epidermolisis Bullosa Hereditaria.
are taking longer to scrutinize and approve loans," said Harold Kobner, an associate broker at Argo Residential.
Lehmann and Julius Kobner, German Baptist leaders who with Oncken became known as "the Baptist clover-leaf," attended an associational meeting in Elbing, visited the church at Memel, and then approached the Russian border.
Kobner, Die Methode einer wissenschaftlichen Ruckfallsstatistik als Grundlage einer Reform der Kriminalstatistik, 13 ZEITSCHRIFT FOR DIE GESAMTE STRAFRECHTSWISSENSCHAFT 1 (1893).
From L to R: Alan Hedrick, Jorge Mejia, and Jodi Nath, Argo Residential, Joseph Barbaccia, REBNY; Corinne Pulitzer, Douglas Elliman; Barry Brandt and Harold Kobner, Argo Residential.