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v. free·based, free·basing, free·bases
1. To purify (cocaine) by treating its powdered hydrochloride form with an alkaloid solution such as ammonia and then using a heated solvent to separate out the precipitate.
2. To use (cocaine purified in this way) by smoking it or by inhaling the fumes after burning it.
To prepare or use cocaine purified in this way.
Cocaine purified by this method.

free′bas′er n.
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is an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leading supplier of Semantic Graph Database technology with expert knowledge in developing and deploying Knowledge Graph solutions.
Knowledge graphs can play an important role here, where explicit semantics are used to express meaning for object metadata and semantic links between datasets integrates these datasets.
Deep learning and machine learning can be applied at all of the layers in different domains, but ultimately you want to do that in the context of a comprehensive knowledge graph. You want all the information that's going into processes like this, and all the information that's coming out of them, both horizontally and vertically, to be stored in your knowledge graph.
Para Monteiro (2015), o Knowledge Graph trata-se: "[...] de uma engenharia de Recuperacao da Informacao, [...] que tem como objetivo a aprendizagem da maquina e a semantizacao dos resultados de busca" (p.
Figure 2: Example of predicting phosphorylation reactions using knowledge graphs
With Knowledge Graph, Google understood natural language queries better, meaning questions could be asked in a natural fashion.
is a leading supplier of Knowledge Graph solutions with Semantic Graph Database technology as the foundation.
Microsoft AI is being used to power the knowledge graph behind Marcel, and the conversational AI experience that is bringing this knowledge to every employee.
According to Yewno CEO Ruggero Gramatica, Yewno's "underlying knowledge graph and AI technology screens a large volume of structured and unstructured data such as official filings and patents in order to detect companies that are investing in AI-related technologies and research."
Based on these above analyses, the main innovation of our research is to model travel behavior from the aspect of individual passengers by adopting knowledge graph. On one hand, the whole travel characteristics of a given passenger during any time period could be completely and intuitively expressed in one graph.
The Knowledge Graph Feed is the first RDF (Resource Description Framework) graph format for financial markets."
(3) We propose an algorithm to prune the meaningless inference over the knowledge graph. Experiment results prove our algorithm improves the performance of inference results.

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