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v. free·based, free·basing, free·bases
1. To purify (cocaine) by treating its powdered hydrochloride form with an alkaloid solution such as ammonia and then using a heated solvent to separate out the precipitate.
2. To use (cocaine purified in this way) by smoking it or by inhaling the fumes after burning it.
To prepare or use cocaine purified in this way.
Cocaine purified by this method.

free′bas′er n.


See crack.
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The Knowledge Graph will sit alongside TR's other big data frameworks and natural language processing systems, providing an index of real objects in the financial world and the relationships between them, which can also carry scores according to their level of importance; it's a continually updated foundation that customers can build on.
The Knowledge Graph enables users to search for things, people or places that Google knows about-landmarks, celebrities, cities, sports teams, buildings, geographical features, movies, celestial objects, works of art and more.
After the extraction process, we obtained a Knowledge Graph with 47,367 nodes (i.
The National Stroke Association, has seen monthly search traffic to the keyword "stroke" drop 36 percent since Google released the stroke knowledge graph on the search results page.
DuckDuckgo is a rich experience search engine give you a perfect experience on any device and also give you information on his knowledge graph.
Statistical relational learning approaches can capture both the structure of the knowledge graph as well as the logical dependencies between the constituent facts.
Knowledge Graph was announced in May last year and launched globally in August and the feature has since become a prevalent and valuable part of the Google Search experience.
Knowledge Graph, which was introduced this past May, first appeared as an extra column on the Google search results pages.
And according to Google, Knowledge Graph contains more than 500 million objects, as well as more than 3.
The structural correspondence between hypertext design and concept maps makes concept-mapping a suitable tool for designing the conceptual structure of hypertext The structure of both a hypertext document and a concept map can be seen as a directed graph or a knowledge graph (Conklin, 1981).
Grokr's service is comprised of five foundational building blocks - the Grokr Knowledge Graph and Entity Rank, the Grokr User Graph, autonomous and predictive algorithms and the visually immersive Grokr information tiles.
lynx aims to create a knowledge graph of legal and regulatory data towards compliance, In which heterogeneous data sources from different jurisdictions, Languages and orders are aggregated and interlinked by a collection of advanced services.

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