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v. free·based, free·basing, free·bases
1. To purify (cocaine) by treating its powdered hydrochloride form with an alkaloid solution such as ammonia and then using a heated solvent to separate out the precipitate.
2. To use (cocaine purified in this way) by smoking it or by inhaling the fumes after burning it.
To prepare or use cocaine purified in this way.
Cocaine purified by this method.

free′bas′er n.


See crack.
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it adds Insight Cards and its own knowledge graph that gives you a broader view and deeper understanding to stories and topics you care about.
Rovi Personalized Discovery Solution s predictive prowess is powered by a unique blend of Rovi entertainment metadata a renowned and extensive international entertainment database with editorial content and images, in over 15 languages on five million+ TV programs, movies, celebrities, and more that is handcrafted by a team of Rovi editors and a dynamic Knowledge Graph that maintains information on more than 100 million entertainment-related entities drawn and verified from over 100,000 online sources.
Co-Founder & CTO Sina Sohangir added: "We've built a powerful Knowledge Graph that understands the context of every word, concept and even celebrity name.
This high-quality data is modeled as knowledge graphs, built on graph database technology, which makes it easier for users to view, retrieve and use the key insights for better decision-making.
Google said the Knowledge Graph has been programmed to use around 3.
The solution is built on a foundation of handcrafted metadata and the Rovi Knowledge Graph, which maintains real-time updated semantic information on more than 100 million entertainment-related entities including program titles, celebrity names, brands and locations, all of which is influenced by trending social media topics.
Vizalytics - Vizalytics supports local shopkeepers and innovates government through their proprietary knowledge graph powered by open city data.
Rovi Conversation Services is powered by a dynamic Knowledge Graph, which maintains semantic, real-time information on more than 100 million entertainment-related entities, like program titles, celebrity names, brands and other relevant elements.
Google has been refining the Google Knowledge Graph since Summer 2012.
This will ensure that business information will be accurate on Google Maps, the Google Search knowledge graph and Google AdWords Location Extensions.
The giant Internet firm's spokesperson said that their systems have unfortunately confused the title of the movie America because it's a common term but they have updated the Knowledge Graph, their database that stores this type of information, however, it will still take some time to display showtimes and other details for the movie.
When you search for something online, you're not just searching for a webpage, you are looking for answers and that's where Knowledge Graph comes in.

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