knitting yarn

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knitting yarn,

n an alternative to floss, used to clean surfaces of teeth that are exceptionally far apart; also effective for cleaning isolated teeth, including those at the end of a row. Sometimes used with a floss threader to reach the difficult areas under pontics and around fixed and cantilevered dentures.
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Top quality without compromise is the recipe for the success of the Belcorocertified company which produces primarily knitting yarns in counts of 2830 Nm.
From sewing and embroidery machines to knitting yarns, threads, needles, ribbons, quilting fabric, patterns, books and magazines, there are over 200 products that you can pick from to sew, knit, embroider, crochet or even make quilts at Craftland at the Jumeirah Town Centre, which calls itself a "creative haven" for craft lovers.
Ramsden manufacture premium wool brands such as Wendy & Robin, with hand knitting yarns accounting for the majority of production at the Guiseley based spinner.
I think it is great because you are making something yourself and there are so many lovely knitting yarns and lovely colours and patterns.
An impressively laid out stall run by manageress Pat Osbourne, the stall specialises in haberdashery, knitting yarns and craft items.
Bricks alongside Ely Racecourse, electric motors in Heath and weaving and knitting yarns in Llanishen for garments for Marks & Spencer which now trades upon the same site.
Foss has reportedly seen a steady increase in demand for acrylic fibers and acrylic/polyester blends from a variety of product sectors including home furnishings, hand knitting yarns, specialty apparel and blankets.